9 September 2023

Hospitality company became a loyal Navigator client and increased bookings by 198%

The challenge

A leisure and hospitality company’s digital marketing had fallen flat with decreasing ROI. The only solution offered from Meta and Google was to increase their ad’s audience size. Due to diminishing data accuracy, The hospitality company was forced to waste their budget on a broad and unengaged audience. This led to mass inefficiencies in their campaigns.

The company turned to Navigator to increase bookings for its group of properties in Mexico and return its digital marketing performance to its previous levels.

The strategy

Navigator showed the hospitality company the power of a custom audience. We built their digital ad’s audience from our first-party data partnerships, populated with travellers searching and booking into each of their property locations. Their campaign was optimised to appear to this highly targeted audience at the exact moment they were most likely to make a purchase. We tested the Navigator platform for a number of their properties and saw Navigator could quickly generate impressive returns with our targeting capabilities

This led to a long-term partnership between Navigator and the company, and an ‘always on’ campaign which continues to generate superior returns for them month after month.

The results

  • Hundreds of bookings in the first 6 weeks.
  • Overall bookings increased by 198%.
  • A linear trend in conversions.
  • Higher campaign performance with less advertising spend.

The conclusions

Navigator’s exclusive audience can be three times more effective than an audience twice its size, and help clients decrease their overall marketing spend.

Consistent use of Navigator can help maximise results over a long period of time.

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