best use of technology finalist for the 2023 business awards ukJune 19, 2023 – Navigator, an advanced marketing platform that uses exclusive first-party travel data to deliver precision-targeted digital advertising, is delighted to announce its shortlisting for the esteemed Best Use of Technology category at the 2023 Small Business Awards presented by Business Awards UK. This recognition exemplifies Navigator’s commitment to harnessing cutting-edge technology to revolutionise the digital marketing landscape and provide exceptional campaign results for their clients in the face of diminishing data accuracy.

The Small Business Awards, renowned for celebrating the accomplishments of small businesses across various industries in the United Kingdom, honour companies that have showcased remarkable innovation and expertise in leveraging technology to achieve business success.

Navigator’s utilises exclusive first-party travel data, combined with cutting-edge technology, to optimise digital campaigns with unparalleled precision. By leveraging their powerful travel data sources, Navigator empowers brands to effectively reach their target audience of travellers and deliver highly personalised and relevant advertising that drives engagement and enhances brand experiences.

Managing director Steve Rowbotham posted about his excitement on LinkedIn:

‘We had a saying in sport – ‘medals are won in the winter and collected in the summer’. [Being shortlisted] is a reflection of all the hard work the team have put in and a reward for what we are about to achieve. I see no other result than a tick in the win column!! 😉 COME ON NAVIGATOR!!!!!’

Navigator’s shortlisting further reinforces their position as a leader in the digital marketing industry. By harnessing cutting-edge technology and leveraging exclusive first-party travel data, Navigator has enabled businesses to grow their brand and drive sales across millions of travellers worldwide.

To view the full list of shortlisted companies for the Small Business Awards, please visit: 2023 Small Business Awards Shortlist – Business Awards UK (

About Navigator:

Navigator is an advanced marketing platform that utilises exclusive first-party travel data to deliver precision-targeted digital advertising. 

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