May 26, 2023 – Navigator, an advanced marketing platform, is delighted to announce that Managing Director Steve Rowbotham recently made a captivating appearance on the esteemed PathMonk Presents podcast. In this enlightening episode, Steve discussed Navigator’s innovative approach to connecting brands with the travel industry through the utilisation of first-party data, driving revenue and delivering valuable insights through a clear and concise website.

The conversation with PathMonk revolved around Navigator’s mission to make meaningful, accurate, and valuable data accessible to all. Steve emphasised the significance of leveraging first-party data to forge connections between brands and the travel industry, enabling businesses to effectively reach travel audiences. Navigator’s diverse clientele spans multiple industries, including fashion, health and beauty, automotive, and banking, all of whom recognise the immense value of tapping into travel audiences.

During the interview, Steve highlighted Navigator’s acquisition channels, with LinkedIn being a key platform for connecting with clients. Furthermore, Steve revealed the company’s ongoing exploration of emerging platforms like TikTok, recognising their potential for engaging customers in innovative ways.

In addition to his role as Managing Director, Steve provided valuable insights into overseeing various aspects of Navigator’s operations, including sales and marketing, human resources, and project management. He shed light on the company’s vision and journey, driven by a mission to revolutionise the marketing strategies of their 1,500 global clients by harnessing travel data and accessing travellers’ preferences.

Steve’s passion for problem-solving and his commitment to maintaining a healthy work-life balance were also highlighted during the interview. He expressed his dedication to overcoming challenges and finding innovative solutions while ensuring personal well-being.

Navigator’s appearance on the PathMonk Presents podcast underscores the agency’s commitment to staying at the forefront of digital marketing trends and providing valuable knowledge to the industry. By leveraging first-party data, Navigator continues to empower brands and facilitate connections with the ever-growing travel audience.

To listen to the PathMonk Presents podcast episode featuring Steve Rowbotham and learn more about Navigator’s approach to utilising first-party data to connect brands to the travel industry, please visit the following links:

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