October 23rd, 2023 –Straight off their recent rebranding announcement, Navigator is thrilled to share that our Managing Director, Steve Rowbotham, has been a featured guest on the Business Marketing Club podcast. The episode promises an in-depth exploration of Navigator’s journey in the world of B2B branding, showcasing our innovative approach to rebranding the platform.

The Business Marketing Club podcast is a must-listen for B2B marketing professionals who are committed to staying at the forefront of their field. It provides a platform for marketers to gain valuable insights, inspiration, and career advice, all while connecting with peers.

Navigator has long been recognised for our unique ability to place brands in front of potential customers precisely when they’re in the market for specific products or services.

In this exclusive episode, Steve Rowbotham will share our experience in reshaping Navigator’s perspective since our inception. He will highlight how our messaging has evolved, emphasising the newfound clarity and conciseness that allow us to cut through the noise of the crowded marketplace.

Rowbotham will also discuss the energy and vibrancy that Navigator brings to the market today. Understanding our clients’ needs, we have repositioned ourselves to provide the enthusiasm and vigour that our clients seek in a marketing platform.

This podcast episode promises to be a dynamic journey through Navigator’s evolution in the world of B2B branding, offering listeners a unique opportunity to gain practical and theoretical insights from an industry leader.

Join us for this engaging discussion on the Business Marketing Club podcast, where Steve Rowbotham reveals the secrets behind Navigator’s successful brand transformation.

Search for the Business Marketing Club wherever you get your podcasts or listen to the episode on any of the following platforms:-
BMC – The Business Marketing Club Podcast / Rebranding In Practice (audioboom.com)
Google – The Business Marketing Club Podcast (google.com)
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