5 February 2024

Tourism Board Tracked Thousands of New Visitors from Navigator Campaign

The challenge

One of the world’s largest tourism boards was grappling with ineffective content distribution channels and banner campaigns that targeted audiences that were too broad, resulting in significant budget wasted on unlikely visitors. They wanted a solution which served their content to potential travellers during the booking phase, which also allowed them to track the direct success of the campaign and report on increased visitor numbers. 

Navigator, leveraging 1st party travel data, provided a solution to deliver engaging content to potential travellers and track campaign success with direct reporting on increased visitor numbers.

The strategy

Navigator created 3 social media campaigns for the tourism board, with the objective of increasing searches and bookings to their destination from key feeder markets.

  • The first campaign retargeted any customer who had come onto one of our travel partner’s website and made a search into the destination of the tourism board but did not purchase the ticket. Video content of their destination was served to this group to persuade them back on to the website to purchase the flight ticket and/or hotel room nights.
  • The second campaign was to increase searches into their destination from key feeder markets. Navigator created audiences of anyone who had made a search on our travel partner’s website in these feeder markets and when the customer came back onto the website we tracked and reported on the increase in searches to their destination. 
  • The third campaign persuaded customers to visit them instead of their competitors, by serving their content to customers who had come onto our travel partner’s website and made a search for a competitor destination.

The results

From the initial 2 month campaign, Navigator tracked 

  • An increase of over 1,000 new visitors
  • Over 10,000 searches into their destination

The conclusions

Navigator’s powerful solution serves our client’s content at the perfect moment, when a traveller is ready to book a trip, and has streamlined the process through collaboration with our travel partners.

Navigator makes it simple for tourism boards to track the direct success of their campaign.

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