9 September 2023

Beverage company runs a global holiday campaign and exceeds all benchmarks

The challenge

A leading beverage company was unable to effectively target travel retail customers across their key global markets. They couldn’t reach their customers before they got to the airport in the crucial pre-travel period, so their campaigns were not as powerful as they felt they could be. With the upcoming holiday travel periods, they knew they had to quickly enhance their marketing strategy. The company asked Navigator to carry out a global travel retail campaign for their luxury brand. We had to engage their hard-to-reach audience so that they could own luxury travel in multiple global markets during key holiday campaign periods.

The strategy

The company needed to reach Navigator’s highly affluent and exclusive audience to drive purchases at airports. Navigator used first-party travel data across many of our partners to make sure that every premium customer travelling through the selected airports knew the brand, before they even arrived at the airport during the key global holidays. The holiday campaign was supported by stunning creative and digital assets to drive engagement.

This is a campaign solution that had never previously been done at this scale.

The results

  • CTR Engagement rate of up to 2.4%.
  • Navigator outperformed engagement benchmarks by 100%.
  • The company stood out in travel retail during oversaturated holiday marketing periods.

The conclusions

Navigator has the ability to exceed your most ambitious marketing goals.

Navigator can help brands engage hard-to-reach audiences.

Navigator can help brands stand out from other brands during busy marketing periods where competition to drive sales is at its toughest.

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