16 October 2023

A world leader in the car rental space decreased overall lead cost by more than 50% with Navigator

The challenge

In the competitive world of car rentals, a global leader needed to optimise their digital marketing efforts to reach a highly targeted audience efficiently. The car rental giant aimed to enhance its digital campaign targeting capabilities. Frustration had been raised over the broad reach of their existing campaign platforms, prompting them to search for a solution that would ensure their marketing efforts reached only those likely to make a rental car purchase.

Navigator proposed leveraging its first-party travel data to deliver digital campaigns directly to our travel data partner’s passengers who were actively seeking rental car options upon reaching their destinations. The company wanted to test Navigator’s effectiveness across Meta and Google Search platforms. Although Search advertising was new territory, Navigator was determined to deliver the desired results.

The strategy

Navigator’s strategy revolved around optimising the company’s marketing budget through campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, and Search. The initial phase involved identifying the platforms that generated the lowest-cost leads.

After rigorous testing, Facebook and Search emerged as the top performers. Notably, Search outperformed other platforms, providing confidence in the company’s proposed campaign strategy, driven by Navigator’s data-driven insights.

The results

  • Overall lead cost decreased by more than 50%
  • Thousands of leads generated

The conclusion

Navigator can help long-established businesses decrease their lead cost.

Navigator can help businesses succeed on Search.

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