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My guilty travel pleasure

No matter what country I’m in, I always buy the local beer – it’s a great first taste of the local culture.

Managing Director

Steve Rowbotham

My guilty travel pleasure

Whether it’s a seafront shack or a fancy restaurant, I love to (over)indulge as part of my daily holiday ritual.

Global Campaign Lead

Antonia Ferraro

My guilty travel pleasure

I really like to throw myself into my holidays. If I come back injury-free, I know I haven’t explored enough!

Global Tech Lead

Armin Sarjou

My guilty travel pleasure

I love trying out the country’s most famous dish. I’m a foodie at heart and it’s a must-have wherever I land!

Global Optimisation Lead

Giovanni Prieto

My guilty travel pleasure

I do something I’ve never done before in each new destination. That way my trips are even more memorable.

Creative Director

Mat Wiggins

My guilty travel pleasure

I get taxis everywhere – which is something I never do at home in London.

Senior Campaign Manager

Jade Smith

My guilty travel pleasure

Whatever the time – be it 2pm or 2am – I’ll always have a beer at the airport to put me in the holiday mood.

Senior Campaign Manager

Adam Michalczyk

My guilty travel pleasure

Every holiday needs a soundtrack, so I like to build a trip playlist, where every song is tailored to something I’m doing.

Campaign Manager

Fariq Yussof

My guilty travel pleasure

As cheesy as it is, I make sure to buy a souvenir shot glass from every city I visit to remember my trip by!

Optimisation Manager

Michelle Barrera

My guilty travel pleasure

I’m that person that brings back cheesy magnets from every country I’ve visited to put on my fridge.

Data Analyst

Tee Anandaraja