9 September 2023

Theatrical production company captivates audiences with Navigator’s first-party data

The challenge

Navigator worked with a theatrical production company to develop a campaign strategy that would captivate and engage potential fans. Navigator appealed to the company, as they knew that a large number of their customers were tourists, but they were unable to accurately target them with their campaigns. As a result, these Broadway fans were going to other shows.

The strategy

By engaging a known traveller going to New York, the theatrical production company aimed to drive mass traffic to their site. Using data from our data partner, Navigator gained valuable insights to shape their strategy. After careful testing and analysis, they identified the most engaged demographic and the stage in the travel journey when they were most likely to make a purchase. The campaign was strategically divided across Facebook and Instagram, with a special emphasis on the Facebook feed and video feed, which delivered the highest engagement. Navigator also experimented with different demographics to optimise the campaign’s performance.

The results

  • Approx. 100,000 post engagements.
  • Delivered over 1.2% CTR (industry benchmarks of 0.5%- 0.7% CTR).
  • Collected valuable demographic data for future campaigns.

The conclusion

Navigator can help brands connect with their most receptive audience segments, with expert precision, making them a valuable partner for optimizing campaigns.

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