Why did I see one of my ads when I only wanted to show it to specific people or places?

We always consider the best location for our partners’ ads. However, our team also tries new things to improve the ads, which can sometimes mean showing them to more people. This has been working well since the iOS14 privacy updates. If you’ve searched for flights or booked with one of our partners, that might be why you saw the ad. But don’t worry, our system is always learning and getting better, so it should show the ad to even more relevant people in the future.

Should I use View Through Conversion (VTC) attribution?

We recommend VTC because it optimises a campaign towards what’s working and helps account for sales that occur after people see the ad but don’t click on it. Knowing what’s working and what’s not is essential to make informed decisions.

What is the attribution used on campaigns?

Our standard attribution is a 7-day click-through and a one-day view-through via the Facebook pixel. Clicks and views are attributed to your campaign, and we can separate and report them separately if needed.

What is a good CPC?

Navigator campaigns typically see higher CPCs because we target highly-intended audiences that are potential customers. CPCs depend on campaign goals and geographical locations. We usually see anything between $3 to $10 CPC among our partners.

What is an ideal ROAS?

Most of our partners ask us to deliver a 2-3x ROAS in prospecting new customers rather than retargeting current audiences. As up to 40% of conversions go untracked due to updates to iOS and digital marketing legislation, the results will likely be better than the ones we report.

What is an ideal CPA?

Our goal is to deliver new customers to you at an efficient rate when running a conversion campaign. It is crucial to know the CPA figure before the campaign goes live so we can optimise against it.

What is a good CPM?

CPMs depend on campaign objectives and geographical locations based on competition. We don’t limit CPMs for sales/leads-oriented campaigns, as we want to include the highest purchase intenders. While highly targeted and optimised audiences might result in higher CPMs than expected due to Facebook and Google’s costs, our data is more valuable.

What is a good CTR?

The ideal CTR depends on the campaign goal. For traffic campaigns, we aim for 0.3% to 1% C.T.R. However, for conversion campaigns, our goal is to maximize ROAS, and for impression-based campaigns, the aim is brand uplift. CTRs are affected by variables such as creatives, which is why we offer support with our in-house creative studio.

Can I trust these results?

Please understand that Navigator is not responsible for tracking OR the production of performance metrics. These are handled via a Facebook pixel or UTMs – and are simply reported on by Navigator. If there is an issue with either of these your dedicated tech team will be on hand to problem-solve for the optimum set-up. We make sure that before a campaign goes live, we have fully agreed with our partners what the tracking attributions are going to be – this makes sure that they can fully trust all of the results we generate on their behalf.

Will the entire budget be spent in 30 days?

We can spend the entire budget within 30 days if that’s what you want. But, if the campaign is targeting conversions, we may need to run it at a slower pace to optimise the results efficiently. We want to make sure we don’t compromise on performance for pacing. Your account manager will keep you informed.

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