Rebranding Navigator – Navigator’s New Look

Rebranding: From a pandemic idea to a brand with a mission

Looking back on the path Navigator has journeyed over the past two years fills us with a mix of pride and gratitude. It’s been an exhilarating ride, one that has led us to a moment of introspection. We came to realise that the Navigator brand no longer captured the full essence of the dynamic entity that Navigator has become. We realised we needed a rebranding to fully fulfil our role as a user-centric marketing platform.

Being built in the middle of a pandemic, the Navigator Team brought an innovative approach to what we believed to be a stagnant sector – 1st party travel data. In 2020, we were cautious with the brand, focusing on refining our processes and finding ways to best serve our clients, rather than being dazzled by flashy appearances.

But now that has all changed.

Fast forward to today, and our hearts swell with pride as we serve numerous global brands, connecting them with their ideal travellers. With time and experience, we’ve honed our processes and expanded our capabilities, ensuring we consistently excel for our partners. Perhaps most importantly, we have pinpointed our mission as a business.

Navigator is more than just a service – we are revolutionising the rules of marketing and reshaping how brands engage with their audiences. As a result, it’s only fitting that our brand reflects this transformative journey. This was the catalyst for our rebranding project.


Welcome to the new Navigator

Our revamp wasn’t solely about a cosmetic change; it was about creating a platform that empowers our clients and nurtures industry innovation. We are not just an advanced tech platform; we are a playground for inspiration and development.


Our new brand colours

Our new rebranded colour palette is bright, modern and energetic, reflecting our values of always growing and responding to cultural changes. We tracked emerging trends and importantly, what feels right to our dynamic team.


A tone of voice that sounds like us

Months of thoughtful crafting have culminated in a new voice that mirrors our bold and unapologetic approach. We aim to ignite excitement among new partners and infuse vitality into existing relationships through our written presence.


Meet the characters of Navigator

As you navigate our rebranded platform, you’ll encounter new characters who embody the stories of our community. They reflect the lively encounters we have every day working in Navigator, full of unique personalities and fantastic creativity.


As for Navigator’s iconic images…

Our new compass logo directs the way, always moving forward and up. It’s at the heart of both our logo and everything we do.

Keep an eye out for our paper plane flying around the site. It symbolises the freedom and simplicity of our brand. It conveys movement, communication, and travel – all key aspects of our business.


Creating easier pathways to understanding data with Navigator

Our rebranding isn’t just a fresh coat of paint. One of our goals with the rebrand is to create the easiest pathways to understanding data. Brand-new pages await your exploration. Our FAQs are ready to address your inquiries; don’t miss our new blog, brimming with industry insights on digital marketing and thought-provoking content.

We’re also launching a Rewards programme to reward our loyal customers with discounts, gifts, and exclusive insights, in hopes of fostering a greater feeling of community amongst our team and clients.


So what’s it like to watch your brand go through a massive change?

As someone who has been a part of Navigator’s journey since its inception, witnessing this rebranding process has been both exciting and enlightening. Navigator was my baby, and as a parent, I know how protective you can be of something so young! I’ve learned the value of allowing growth and embracing change, and I’m truly impressed by the outstanding efforts of our dedicated team.

Shaping a brand for the next 5-10 years presented its own set of challenges, but we’ve crafted a brand that’s adaptable and ready to navigate any course. The future beckons with promise, and we’re eagerly preparing to unveil new offerings.

Over the coming months, there will be many new additions we will be bringing to the market as we continue to rapidly invest and grow. Our fresh website will be accompanied by new social channels, insightful media contributions, and enlightening whitepapers. With the rebranding, we want to align Navigator with industry ethics and engage in face-to-face interactions with partners at events. Be on the lookout for your invite!

We’re strong advocates for feedback and eagerly encourage your thoughts and engagement. Your insights guide our evolution and inspire us to strive for excellence.

I would like to personally thank those of you who have been with us on our journey so far and for those of you who will be in the future. There are many who talk about serving their clients and solving their problems, and we are one of the few who live up to those words.

For now, as you immerse yourself in our refreshed brand, know that we’re excited to connect with you on this exciting new leg of the journey.

Today we are celebrating embracing change and charting a course together for a revolutionary movement in the world of digital marketing!


Written by Steve Rowbotham, from the Navigator Team


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