Theme Park Achieves 4X ROI by Boosting Ticket Sales with Navigator

The challenge

A world-renowned theme park faced a common challenge for their attractions in Orlando and New York – increasing ticket sales for theme park goers without drastically increasing their marketing budget. To address this hurdle, they partnered with Navigator, working in collaboration with the theme park’s chosen media agency.

The strategy

The collaboration between the theme park and Navigator commenced in 2022 with a 3-month pilot test for their Orlando attraction. The exceptional success of this initial phase prompted the theme park to return in 2023 for an extended 6-month campaign, during which they also tested their New York attraction for 3 months. 

Navigator used its advanced targeting capabilities to deliver ads on Meta directly to confirmed travellers heading to Orlando and New York. 

Navigator used a multi-partner approach and demonstrated its ability to provide diverse, high-intent audiences across several airlines.

NYC attraction soars above its competition with first-party travel data

The challenge

A new sky deck attraction needed to stand out among many popular attractions in New York City, including several world- renowned observation deck experiences. Despite its stunning scenery and potential, the attraction struggled to engage travellers and become an NYC must-see. To tackle this obstacle, they joined forces with Navigator to create an optimised strategy, powered by first-party travel data, that engaged and converted new customers on their way to NYC.

The strategy

Navigator’s strategy focused on using first-party travel data to target domestic passengers who booked flights to New York City within a specific 180-day time frame. By using valuable information about potential visitors, Navigator could target them during the crucial planning stage of their trip when they needed inspiration for activities and excursions.

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