How can I trust that Navigator is truly ethical and opposes the idea of ‘ethics-washing’ as a marketing ploy?

We understand that the term ‘ethical data’ is becoming more of a buzzword than a promise. We are committed to ethical data sourcing and follow strict guidelines to make sure that all data is obtained legally and ethically. Please contact us with any of your questions about our system, and we promise to give you transparent answers to make sure you feel confident about the data your campaign is using with Navigator. 

Is first-party data secure and ethical?

Yes, first-party data is secure and ethical because it’s collected directly from travellers who have consented to share their information. Navigator takes data privacy and security very seriously and adheres to all applicable regulations.

How does Navigator collect first-party data?

Navigator collects first-party data by partnering with exclusive travel data partners to track travellers’ behaviour and preferences. This information is used to custom audiences for campaigns so they are more likely to resonate with potential customers. If you would like to learn more about our GDPR-compliant system, please reach out to our team and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions about how we collect data.

What is first-party data, and why is it important for digital marketing?

First-party data refers to information collected directly from a company’s customers or audience. This data includes things like website and app usage, purchase history, and demographic information. Because it is collected directly from the source, first-party data is considered to be the most accurate and trustworthy information available to advertisers.

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