Major Duty Free Retailer Sees 10% increase in sales online and in store

The challenge

A major duty-free retailer tasked Navigator with running a campaign, aiming to target 100% known passengers in the crucial 2-3 week period before their flights. 

The client had faced challenges with previous campaigns, spending resources on broad audiences and airport pop-ups that didn’t effectively capture potential customers at the right moment. 

Utilising Navigator’s access to 1st party travel data, the goal was to make sure that by the time passengers reached the airport, they had already thought about buying their product or had decided to make the purchase.

The strategy

Navigator built multiple audiences across all of the duty-free retailer’s chosen major airports. For each airport, we targeted known travellers based on their departure date and departure airport.

The campaign had 2 main objectives:

  1. To drive as much traffic to their travel retail product as the retailer’s website.
  2. To deliver as many online pre-trip sales as possible.

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