What is Navigator Rewards?

Navigator Rewards is a loyalty program for our valued customers. It offers exclusive benefits and rewards to our customers who re-book campaigns with Navigator.

How do I enrol in Navigator Rewards?

Once you run at least two campaigns with Navigator you will receive an eligibility notification email. Once you click the registration link in the email, you will become a VIP and start earning Navigator Points with every campaign you run. If you did not receive the registration link, please get in touch and a member of our team will assist.

What are Navigator Points?

Navigator Points are the points you earn every time you run a campaign with Navigator. These points serve as a tangible representation of your active participation and support.

How do I earn Navigator Points?

You can earn Navigator Points by running campaigns with Navigator. The more campaigns you run, the more Navigator Points you will earn.

What are the benefits of earning Navigator Points?

As you earn more Navigator Points, you’ll unlock additional benefits and rewards. These include additional impressions, access to VIP newsletters, exclusive gifts, a dedicated VIP team member, and even paid travel and an invitation to our Navigator Workshops.

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