What is Navigator?

An advanced marketing platform that uses exclusive first-party travel data to deliver precision-targeted digital advertising.

Grow your brand and drive sales across millions of travellers worldwide.

A platform that delivers

How does Navigator help brands?

Travel audiences are eager to make their next trip the best yet, whatever the cost. This means there are countless moments for brands to be present, relevant and – most importantly – desirable.

With Navigator, your brand can engage these audiences on every step of their journey – from that first spark of inspiration, to the excitement of arrival, through to their return home and beyond.

Over 2 billion data points

Exclusive partnerships with the world’s biggest airlines and travel brands mean our fully ethical, comprehensive first-party data is completely unique. So, Navigator campaigns appear in front of your perfect audience with pinpoint accuracy and timing.

What’s more, all data is fully compliant with privacy laws – and always will be.

Your one stop solution

Exclusive travel partners provide more than 2 billion first-party data points

Custom audiences allow for powerful advanced targeting and incredible results

Detailed, comprehensible performance reports help you make sense of metrics

Personalised advice from our on-hand experts means you’ll never be flying solo

Optimisation teams deliver results-driven campaigns across Google and Meta

Exceptional customer care: we focus on your marketing so you don’t have to

Travel marketing experts

We have a deep understanding of the travel industry and know what makes audiences tick – from intrepid explorers to luxury jetsetters.

Our team know how to serve optimised content to travellers at the most impactful points in their journey, driving you towards your marketing goals.

Bespoke campaigns, custom design

Our award-winning creative studio produces beautiful, compelling marketing content. Whether your goals are brand awareness, user engagement or pure conversion, you can be sure your campaign is miles ahead of the competition.

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